The VOZ Approach

We apply our singular focus, the power of our networks, our decades of experience, our ingenuity and expertise to help you build strategic and productive external stakeholder relations that align with your business goals. We will ensure that you benefit from patient, professional, and consumer perspectives across drug discovery, clinical development, clinical trial recruitment and retention, regulatory approval, product launch readiness, and access and reimbursement.

We Offer:

  • Unmatched breadth and depth of experience in a broad range of therapeutic areas including cardiovascular disease, metabolic disorders, hematology, infectious diseases, central nervous system disorders, oncology, and rare diseases.
  • Decades of experience, serving in leadership positions in advocacy as well as industry including, patient advocacy, clinical research, market research, public policy and, stakeholder relations.
  • Focus on creating mutually beneficial opportunities for relevant stakeholders to realize goals through collaborative efforts.

Identifying and prioritizing programs that advance concerns shared by the company and advocates is essential to every advocacy relations leader. VOZ assesses ways stakeholder engagement will align.

Using VOZ’s digital platform, LEAD, we identify, characterize, and prioritize patient and professional advocacy organizations active in the therapeutic areas important to you.

VOZ develops customized, comprehensive maps of the patient experience through a qualitative, in-depth approach to generate meaningful understanding of how patients understand and process their condition.

Assess your reputation in advocacy relations with a customized benchmarking assessment and hear directly from groups about best practices in industry engagement and how your company ranks against specified measures.

VOZ has the capability to engage with clients in a number of ways, including ongoing relationships to support advocacy and engagement efforts, projects focused on strategic development, or even hands on, on site execution.

VOZ Advisors brings decades of experience to the design, development, and implementation of pre-approval drug access programs across a wide range of indications.

VOZ Advisors will help you develop strategy and plans for short and long-term internal and external stakeholder engagement that address key shared interests and drive outcomes to meet your business objectives.

In an ever-changing market it is important to stay up-to-date with the latest understanding of how to effectively engage with advocacy stakeholders.