The VOZ Advisors Approach

VOZ Advisors can help your company build mutually beneficial partnerships with patient, consumer, and professional groups and other key influencers to help you reach the objectives you share with key constituents. Our services are customized to your company and your business. We quickly determine your needs and offer realistic solutions tailored specifically to the unique issues involved.

We offer tailored approaches to integrating key external stakeholder feedback across the drug development continuum and product life cycle. Our associates have complementary yet varied backgrounds: most of us hold advanced degrees in public health, nonprofit management, public policy, or ethics, and many of us have been previously employed by patient advocacy and health care professional communities, industry, or academia.

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Working With Clients & Staff

We work with a wide range of client contacts at various levels within organizations, from chief executives to field-based medical staff.

We provide a broad spectrum of services tailored to ensure your advocacy relations strategies support key business objectives, and we work collaboratively with other firms retained by our clients to support a company, product or franchise.

We have staff in New York, Boston, DC, Paris and London with vast experience working with key stakeholders. We are also knowledgeable about advocacy outside Europe and North America and have developed and implemented successful programs in markets around the world.


VOZ Advisors has unmatched breadth and depth of experience in a broad range of therapeutic areas including but not limited to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hematology, infectious diseases, mental health, neurology, oncology, and rare diseases.


VOZ Advisors has long, trusted relationships with global, regional, and national patient, consumer, and professional groups, as well as a deep understanding of intergroup dynamics, perceptions of industry, and examples of effective partnerships.


VOZ Advisors associates have decades of experience, having served in leadership positions in advocacy, clinical research, industry, market research, policy, and more. This wealth of experience offers a strategic and innovative approach to achieve mutual goals between our clients and key stakeholders.

Partnering for Success

We seek to enhance the value to our clients by partnering with firms who offer complementary services to those of VOZ. Click on each of our strategic alliances below to learn more about our enhanced capabilities and joint products and services where applicable.