by Veronica

Oct 11, 2018

Benchmarking Competitor Advocacy Programs in Prostate Cancer

Business challenge:

Our client wished to differentiate itself in the upcoming year while entering a crowded market where advocacy relations already existed across a number of companies.


VOZ Advisors began by understanding key activities funded by our client’s competitors.  From this we identified specific opportunities for innovative partnerships in prostate cancer advocacy. We conducted secondary research on competitor support of 27 priority prostate cancer patient groups in eight different countries. We examined and analyzed five competitor companies’ funding activities and found that they provided low to moderate level support to target organizations. Grants were highly concentrated in two countries. We also found that funding from competitors fell into medical professional education, general awareness, and visible events.


Based on our recommended strategy, the company was able to distinguish itself in the prostate cancer environment. We targeted specific countries and organizations based on the company’s business goals and our benchmarking findings. Through our innovative programmatic ideas, the company was able to fill the gaps in services and awareness and incorporate this into its advocacy plan.

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About The Author [ Veronica Lopez ]

Veronica Lopez, MPH, is an independent consultant working with VOZ. Veronica helps VOZ develop new ways of building equitable and responsible partnerships between industry and patients, advocates, health care professionals, and policy makers.