Case Study: Patient Focus Portal



Company strengthening commitment to integrating patient voice throughout asset  lifecycle but limited information sharing and use of common definitions across company’s businesses, regions, functions and therapeutic areas.


Build resource that would provide a platform to share internal and external best practices, provide tools, streamline processes and break silos.

Key Tactics

  1. Identified external leading practices related to patient focus from trusted stakeholders such as EUPATI, CTTI, PFMD, and regulators and HTA agencies
  2. Distributed internal survey to collect existing materials related to working with patient stakeholders, including templates, contracts, SOPs, summary reports, and case studies
  3. Enhanced internal and external content by generalizing useful materials, adapting external best practices and frameworks to company needs and processes and identifying and filling gaps
  4. Validated and refined external facing tools with patient advisors
  5. Beta tested functionality and flow of online tool and currently rolling out platform in phases by team
  6. Continue to update tools and reference materials to build library of knowledge and records of patient interactions and increase value of platform to different functions and regions



  1. Online portal created in under a year with strong initial content library to be enhanced further
  2. Positive feedback from beta testers on content, ease of navigation, and overall value of portal
  3. Momentum for continued enhancements and information sharing


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About The Author [ Veronica Lopez ]

Veronica Lopez, MPH, is an independent consultant working with VOZ. Veronica helps VOZ develop new ways of building equitable and responsible partnerships between industry and patients, advocates, health care professionals, and policy makers.