Environmental Assessment

Leveraging Environmental Assessment Data

An important step in integrating the patient perspective into the drug development continuum is to understand the groups that represent these patients and how to appropriately and meaningfully engage with them. Industry partners face multiple challenges in understanding their environmental landscape from too many potential partners with varying objectives, to too few players in the space.

Why VOZ Advisors

VOZ Advisors has actively cultivated and nurtured respectful relationships with patient, consumer and professional groups for over 20 years. Through our proprietary environmental assessment platform, LEAD: Leveraging Environmental Assessment Data, we offer our expertise and knowledge of the patient and professional organization landscape providing key insights and engagement strategies.

LEAD, or Leveraging Environmental Assessment Data, is a centralized hub of patient and professional group information across multiple therapeutic areas personalized to help your company identify and prioritize potential partners. It is built to realign priorities as you progress through the drug development continuum.

What you can expect

  • Credible knowledge of patient, consumer, and professional groups’ goals and programs housed in a dynamic and convenient digital platform updated in real time
  • Candid understanding of intergroup dynamics
  • Key insights providing expanded understanding of critical concerns of groups in a particular area
  • Guidance on development of effective partnerships and programs

Access a powerful database of health care stakeholder organizations

Health care stakeholder organization landscapes across North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

Discover organizations aligned with your business objectives

Proprietary algorithmic technology to identify priority organizations based on your specific goals and needs.

Stay informed of changes

Database continually updated to reflect changes in executive leadership, financial position, industry partnerships, and other vital details.

Benefit from the VOZ perspective

Personalized recommendations to inform your engagement strategy.