by Veronica

Feb 6, 2017

Mapping the Advocacy Environment through LEAD

Business challenge:

A company with a robust pipeline and research and development effort wanted to integrate the patient perspective into the development of its products.


VOZ Advisors identified potential patient organizations and professional society partners across six therapeutic areas in the United States and globally. After gathering a robust list from our online database LEAD, we prioritized and developed an engagement plan based on the company’s needs.

Our longstanding experience with the client and various other companies has allowed us to fine-tune group prioritization to account for our knowledge of the historic importance of certain groups’ actions and their level of influence in the disease area.  This proprietary methodology is used to prioritize groups stored in LEAD.


By engaging the priority groups identified through LEAD, and following VOZ engagement strategies, the company and the patient groups developed a standard protocol that was approved by the FDA.

Through these partnerships, the company enhanced its understanding of patient-preferred delivery mechanisms, gather patient input on trial design and protocols and receive assistance and advice on trial recruitment and retention.  Organizations collaborated to disseminate patient-friendly clinical trial summaries to the appropriate patients.

Through the use of a digital platform, VOZ helped the company categorize and rate organizations on capacity, influence, and reach within designated categories of interest to the pharma and biotech industry. Concrete activities resulting from engagement directly helped the client meet its goal to integrate patient perspectives into research and development.

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About The Author [ Veronica Lopez ]

Veronica Lopez, MPH, is an independent consultant working with VOZ. Veronica helps VOZ develop new ways of building equitable and responsible partnerships between industry and patients, advocates, health care professionals, and policy makers.