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Oct 11, 2018

Patient Journey Mapping in Oncology Community

Business challenge:

An oncology company wanted to understand the regional unmet needs of the US and European patient population in the advanced stage of the disease and to understand how it can be a respected player in the therapeutic area.


After a thorough environmental assessment of patient groups, VOZ aligned the criteria for the groups to participate in a patient journey mapping exercise to identify the unmet needs of relapsed and refractory patients.

VOZ/Sandbox interviewed patients to develop a patient persona for the mapping process to understand the influential players around a patient throughout their journey.

After refining the patient pathway during an interactive meeting with key US and European advocates, we discussed key milestones for patients and caregivers to address gaps in patient access to treatment and care.


Working closely with this oncology company, VOZ was able to prioritize a list of unmet needs for the patient population and also identified opportunities for advocates to share their resources with each other. This fostered a company-wide agreement on key issues and unmet needs.

Through this exercise the company was able to identify priority areas to improve patient quality of life, increase awareness of options, including clinical trials and new treatments, and empower patients to be active in their care plans.  Participation in mapping the patient journey also helped to establish the company as a trusted leader in oncology research and reinforce its commitment to improve outcomes for a challenged oncology patient population.

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