Patient-Led Research Networks

Patient-led Research Networks

Eager to speed the pace of clinical innovation, many patient groups fund or operate drug discovery and development programs. These groups’ in-depth understanding of the unmet medical needs of patients and carers, their up-to-the-moment knowledge of the research and development landscape, their connections to thought leaders, and in many cases their candidate portfolios can enhance companies’ business development and licensing efforts.

Why VOZ Advisors

VOZ Advisors has pioneered the definition and development of PLRNs. To learn more about PLRNs and how VOZ can help you attain your business goals through partnerships with PLRNs, download our white paper.

What you can expect

  • Trusting relationships that lead to early notification of new developments
  • Sight lines to pipelines of promising therapeutic approaches and experimental agents
  • Data and insights on patient and providers’ preferences and unmet medical need
  • Opportunities to learn from the best minds in the field
  • Useful competitive intelligence
  • In- and out-licensing candidates

Suite of Services

To help a company maximize the benefit of conducting an advocacy-focused patient journey map, VOZ also offers.

Strategic consultation

Tailored workshops to identify optimal outcomes and pathways.

Assessment of PLRNs

Using our signature digital assessment platform, LEAD, we assess and prioritize networks best aligned with business needs, including a list of assets of interest to the company.

Novel engagement approaches

Innovative ways to meet and assess PLRN assets: e.g., a “pitch and partner day” where priority groups are invited to learn more about the company and present their best assets.

Tactical engagement plans

Detailed opportunities for extended engagement to further assess value of assets and in- or out-license as appropriate.

Expert roundtables

Collaborative discussions to help advance therapeutic targets.

Structural preparedness

Training on patient reported outcomes, evaluating company goals in and planning for patient centricity, building strong and compliant advocacy relations. Standard operating procedures for BD&L’s interaction with PLRNs.