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About our Products

VOZ Advisors applies its knowledge, networks, and experience to help you build strategic and productive external stakeholder relations aligned with your business goals. We will ensure that you benefit from patient, professional, and consumer perspectives across R&D, clinical trial recruitment and retention, regulatory approval, launch readiness, and access and reimbursement. For us, there is no typical project. We customize strategies and tactics according to your capacities, expectations, and immediate and long-term business objectives.

Strategic Plan Development

Identifying and prioritizing programs that advance concerns shared by the company and advocates on an annual basis is essential to every advocacy relations leader. VOZ can help assess how your specific business objectives are aligned with the advocacy environment to develop a strategic and tactical plan to guide your activities.

Environmental Assessment

Using VOZ’s digital platform, LEAD, we identify, characterize, and prioritize patient and professional advocacy organizations active in the therapeutic areas important to you. VOZ’s proprietary methodology for conducting environmental assessments will help your company identify groups that align best with your key business objectives. Your assessment comes with a subscription that updates in real time impacts an organization’s mission, leadership or direction.

Patient Experience Mapping

VOZ Advisor’s unique approach to patient experience mapping builds a comprehensive understanding of how and where patient and consumer groups shape disease knowledge, diagnosis, treatment, support, and access. Useful for the entire company but designed with advocacy relations in mind, our methodology uncovers the impact of these stakeholder groups, detailing where they intervene and where they partner with industry.

Advocacy Relations Benchmarking

Assess your reputation in advocacy relations with a customized benchmarking assessment and hear directly from groups about best practices in industry engagement and how your company ranks against specified measures, competitors or program milestones.

Patient-Led Research Networks

Eager to advance the pace of clinical innovation, many patient groups fund or operate PLRNs to accelerate drug discovery and development programs. VOZ’s customized services will enable you to build respectful, compliant, and trusting relationships that result in significant market insights and data on patient and provider preferences and unmet medical need; sight lines to pipelines of promising therapeutic approaches and experimental agents; and in- and out-licensing candidates.

Pre-Approval Access

VOZ Advisors brings decades of experience to the design, development, and implementation of pre-approval drug access programs across a wide range of indications. The firm offers extensive knowledge of guidance around the world and the ethics, benefits, and risks of different approaches and programs.

Stakeholder Forums

VOZ Advisors will help you develop strategy and plans for short and long-term internal and external stakeholder engagement that address key shared interests and drive outcomes to meet your business objectives. We design goals, objectives, and diverse interactions (listening tours, issue-focused advisory boards) that advance mutual benefit.


Advocacy Training

In an ever-changing market it is important to stay up-to-date with the latest understanding of how to effectively engage with advocacy stakeholders. VOZ has developed training materials on topics including fundamentals of advocacy, overview of strategic planning, and a roadmap for how patients and advocates may be involved in HTA pathways. The training is customized to individual or team-based needs.