Welcome To VOZ Advisors

VOZ Advisors is a leading consultant to pharmaceutical, biotech, device and diagnostic companies around the world in their quests to deliver quality care through innovative and effective partnerships with patient, consumer and professional groups.


VOZ Advisors has unmatched breadth and depth of experience in a broad range of therapeutic areas including but not limited to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hematology, infectious diseases, mental health, neurology, oncology, and rare diseases.


VOZ Advisors has long, trusted relationships with global, regional, and national patient, consumer, and professional groups, as well as a deep understanding of intergroup dynamics, perceptions of industry, and examples of effective partnerships.


VOZ Advisors associates have decades of experience, having served in leadership positions in advocacy, clinical research, industry, market research, policy, and more. This wealth of experience offers a strategic and innovative approach to achieve mutual goals between our clients and key stakeholders.

Advocacy Relations

With over two decades of experience, our firm continues to shape the field by contributing to the conversation in key areas impacting healthcare stakeholders relations.

Patient Engagement

VOZ worked to incorporate patient perspectives throughout the drug discovery and development continuum before it became what it is today: a fundamental requirement of doing business in the pharmaceutical space.

Return On Engagement

Need to think through ways to measure impact of your engagements with patients, caregivers, and advocacy groups on your drug development process? VOZ offers best in class advice.

Value Demonstration

VOZ has helped make value framework stronger and more impactful by incorporating what is too often missing from these efforts -- the patient voice.

Compliant Engagement

VOZ can help you form mutually beneficial alliances with patients, patient groups, and patient opinion leaders that preserve both their independence and the integrity required when navigating an often challenging and complex compliance environment.

We’re ready to help you find common interests with patient, consumer and professional groups.