Our Core Values

Our firm’s core values provide the foundation for the way we work and how we interact with clients, partners, and each other.



To act professionally, set transparent and clear expectations, and remain present and honest at all times.



To be accountable to our colleagues and offer solutions, ensuring we support each other to be the best we can be.



To deliver on expectations and treat our colleagues, clients, and others as we would like and expect to be treated: with esteem and kindness.



To collaboratively share information and insights, practice active listening, communicate often, and provide and receive feedback as a gift.



To commit to providing the highest quality work in line with our vision and values.



To embody inclusivity, intentionally elevating the value of diverse perspectives and experiences.

At VOZ, we imagine a world where all people have the opportunity to live their healthiest life. We are driven to bring the patient voice into medicine development to further this vision. We respect and celebrate differences and strive to create environments where everyone feels they are heard, valued, and belong - within our firm and on behalf of our clients in their engagement with patients and care partners. VOZ means "voice" in Spanish and Portuguese. We believe that our authentic voice is our greatest power, and we must strive to create a world where all are welcomed and heard - this is the essence of who we are and what drives us to excel at what we do.