Advocacy Relations Benchmarking

How VOZ's approach makes a difference

VOZ delivers comprehensive reports to support a deep understanding of our reputation in advocacy relations with a customized benchmarking project. Hear directly from patient groups, professional societies, and advocates about best practices in industry engagement and learn how your company ranks against specified measures, competitors, or program milestones. Identify opportunities for continuous improvement and collaboration to meet shared interests.

Why VOZ?

Our tailored benchmarking services will help you optimize and measure the impact of your advocacy relations approach to understand what advocates need and want as well as how they view your advocacy relations efforts. As our efforts are customized, our focus is on the future; while we capture historic performance in our review, our goal is to help you determine what will be the next level of engagement required to successfully meet your business objectives.

What You Can Expect

  • Identify the most important attributes for effective partnerships with patient, consumer, and professional groups in your specific area of focus.
  • Assess organizations’ needs and priorities.
  • Understand how competitors meet the community’s needs and expectations and where gaps exist.
  • Determine how your company is perceived by patient, consumer, and professional groups in therapeutic areas of interest.
  • Learn from examples of successful advocacy relations partnerships.
  • Gain insight-driven, practical recommendations to help your company solidify and strengthen its position as a leader.

Case Studies

See What Our Clients Have to Say


“This is one the best global landscape assessments I have seen to date. You really did a great job condensing a large amount of information into something strategic that can be acted upon.”

Kristin Olson Senior Director of Advocacy, Seattle Genetics

“Your partnership is invaluable. You ensured that our advisors and their caregivers left feeling heard, respected and energized. This workshop was powerful and moving, a strong reminder as to why we come to work every day.”


"VOZ became an extension of our team whenever needed - the team is always responsive. Because of the breadth of their industry knowledge their advice was always spot on and contextually appropriate. A very valuable partnership."

Anish Bhatnagar CEO at Soleno Therapeutics

“We’re thrilled to have partnered with VOZ Advisors to build out a world class advocacy program for people impacted by rare respiratory diseases. VOZ seamlessly got up to speed with our business priorities and working styles. They also delivered excellence in the face of rapidly evolving timelines. The team’s strategic advocacy initiatives. Their dedication, professionalism, and responsiveness make them a pleasure to work with.”


Kristin Olson

Senior Director of Advocacy, Seattle Genetics


Anish Bhatnagar

CEO at Soleno Therapeutics