Client Overview

Large global pharmaceutical company focused on oncology, cardiology, urology, ophthalmology, hematology, and rare diseases. Company has a novel oncology drug impacting a small percentage of patients in several different tumor types.

Timeframe: Two-years

Project Objective

Increase awareness among HCPs and advocates about new approach of client’s drug.


The client’s drug is biomarker-driven, but low number of patients eligible for the drug means widespread testing is not feasible.


  • Support patients who have been on drug to form a community for information sharing.
  • Connect patient community with KOLs to expand knowledge and awareness.

Key Strategies Implemented


Identified patient opinion leaders, including those active on social media, and recruited to form a global steering committee.


Worked with client and steering committee to create educational content, including webinars and an infographic to be translated into multiple languages.


Secured a global medical advisory committee to support the patient group and ensure accuracy and independence of all materials.


Created website as central hub of information, news, and archived material.


Supported steering committee to form independent non-profit entity focused exclusively on patients with relevant biomarker.


"Seeing this group grow from an idea to a non-profit entity with board and scientific advisors was exciting. We now know that patients can connect with peers to learn and find support." Mid-large-size Biopharmaceutical Company

The Outcome


Short Term

Built a network of patients to inform client and act as spokespersons.


Long Term

Created new, independent nonprofit with multiple sources of funding, focused on education and support.


Key Highlights

Patient network significantly expanded.
Awareness elevated among other advocacy groups and HCPs.