About VOZ Advisors

We work collaboratively to create customized solutions ensuring mutual benefit for your company and external stakeholders, building upon your existing collaborations and programs, and helping you realize progress in engagement based on your objectives.

You will always have access to our entire team and can expect from VOZ:

  • Candid, honest advice and counsel based on our cumulative years of experience in industry and advocacy.
  • Innovative ideas to differentiate your advocacy and engagement efforts.
  • Services, documents, and products that are delivered on time and of the highest quality.
  • Expert facilitation to ensure actionable outcomes for both internal and external meetings.
  • Projects staffed with the right team at the right levels for cost-effectiveness while always allowing access to senior leaders.
  • Agility to respond to crises quickly and expertly – we have your back, always.

What our CEO has to say

"What we do is extremely personal to us – we are a passionate group of people with over two decades of experience focused exclusively on patient advocacy and engagement. We feel privileged to have your trust – you can count on us to support you not just as an executive, but as a person. We understand the pressures you face; we are here to listen and to support you with timely, expert counsel." Ellen Coleman CEO & President, VOZ Advisors