We work with you in developing strategies, as well as conducting implementation. We adapt to your needs.

Strategic Plan Development

Creating a plan of action that reflects your values, objectives, and resources with actionable steps to create a nimble and successful advocacy and engagement roadmap.

Leveraging Environmental Assessment Data (LEAD)

Using VOZ’s proprietary digital platform, LEAD, we identify, characterize, and prioritize patient and professional advocacy organizations active in the therapeutic areas important to you, including key insights and engagement planning.

Patient Experience Mapping

VOZ develops customized, comprehensive maps of the patient experience through a qualitative, in-depth approach to generate meaningful insights of how patients understand and process their condition and each step of their experience.

Advocacy Relations Benchmarking

Hear directly from groups about your reputation and best practices in industry engagement with a customized benchmarking assessment.

Strategic Counsel

VOZ has a line of sight across the industry that allows us to offer guidance that elevates your internal capabilities and external engagement efforts, as well as hands-on, day to day execution.

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Pre-Approval Access Strategy

VOZ brings decades of experience to the design, development, and implementation of pre-approval drug access strategy and programs across a wide range of indications, ensuring patient needs and perspectives are top of mind.

Stakeholder Forums

VOZ facilitates interactions that encourage collaborative and honest discussions so clients can hear directly from patient, consumer, and healthcare professionals about unmet needs and challenges, ensuring actionable outcomes.

Patient Advocacy and Engagement: Internal Readiness

VOZ helps you design a new advocacy or patient engagement function or optimize impact of existing functions by auditing internal practice against industry standards and providing necessary training and consultation on what we consider to be world-class advocacy and engagement principles.

Health Equity

VOZ is committed to furthering health equity by empowering clients to build collaborative engagement and advocacy partnerships. Through our work, VOZ aims to further our collective knowledge and expertise so that we may drive change — together.