Client Overview

Global biotech company focused on rare and genetic diseases, immunodeficiencies, and neurological disorders.

Timeframe: Multi-year

Project Objective

Establish a cross-functional, cross-geography patient engagement strategy and approach to meet evolving internal needs and external expectations.


While Company always prided itself on being patient-centric, there was a need to move from “mindset” (i.e., thinking about patients) to “action” ​(co-creating with patients).


Create a common understanding of what it means to be “patient-focused” in today’s environment and provide the tools and resources to facilitate patient engagement strategies and tactics.

Key Strategies Implemented


Two-day cross-company workshop with more than eighty participants from different markets and functions to align on key principles, develop a framework, and identify pilot projects across product lifecycle.


Internal audit to identify examples of patient engagement, status of relationships with patient groups and other stakeholders, and perceptions of where company is – and where it should be – on the patient engagement continuum.


Completed several pilot projects, including patient advisory boards in different markets and on diverse topics, internal workshops to develop processes for engagement, and a relationship management model.


Consulted on the development of an internal patient engagement portal to be utilized across the organization.


Created a comprehensive patient engagement toolkit with resources, planning tools, case studies, and more, all available via the new internal patient engagement portal.


"The VOZ team became an integral part of our team and put the betterment of our work for and with patients above all – even if that meant less consulting spend. To me this is the hallmark of a true partner and sets VOZ apart from its peers." Senior Director CSL Limited

The outcome


Short Term

Common understanding of what it means for company to be patient-focused.
Patient insights delivered to various internal teams to help support decision-making.


Long Term

Comprehensive, coordinated approach to patient engagement that will help establish company as a leader in this area.


Key Highlights

Patient engagement framework to be applied across the development lifecycle from discovery through post-approval.
Internal portal aligns organization around efforts in patient advocacy and engagement.