Client Overview

A global pharmaceutical company with diverse pipeline, and primary focus in immunology, neurology, oncology, and virology.

Timeframe: Three months

Project Objective

Company growing organically and through mergers/acquisitions needed to re-assess effectiveness of the existing scope and structure of Patient Advocacy and Engagement (PAE) function.


Determining best model for an evolving company active in diverse therapeutic areas and getting consensus on that model across individuals from two legacy companies that approached PAE differently (decentralized versus centralized).


  • Assess strengths and limitations of current function and ways of working.
  • Evaluate structure and scope and responsibilities of peer companies’ PAE functions.
  • Understand drivers of best practices and optimal engagement.
  • Create recommendations to address gaps of function and build upon strengths of current PAE efforts and tactics.

Key Strategies Implemented


Collaborative discussions with internal stakeholders.


Analysis of relevant best practices in PAE organization and implementation.


Interviews with peer companies to understand structure, scope, benefits, and challenges.


Interviews with key patient groups to understand how company is perceived, surface any challenges, and uncover opportunities for improvement and differentiation.

The Outcome


Short Term

Improved cross-functional understanding of current strengths, limitations, and opportunities to optimize the impact of PAE.
Recommendations for a modified PAE structure, scope, and ways of working, along with rationale presented to leadership team for consideration.


Key Highlights

Considering multiple perspectives (peer companies, PAGs, internal stakeholders) and approaching advocacy/engagement effectiveness in a collaborative manner provided strong rationale and support for final recommendations.


Key Highlights

Project reinforced hypothesis that there is not a single correct way to structure and execute PAE, though there are key principles to apply that can drive success regardless of how function is organized.