Client Overview

A global biopharmaceutical company with a focus across multiple therapeutic areas, including immunology, neurology, and oncology.

Timeframe: Two-years

Project Objective

Build awareness of the company in breast cancer advocacy community and increase the rate of clinical trial recruitment.​


Quickly establish advocacy relationships in crowded breast cancer advocacy space and accelerate patient recruitment to multiple clinical trials.


  • Establish understanding and relationships with key players in the breast cancer advocacy community​.
  • Identify and act on any opportunities to raise awareness of company clinical trials through the advocacy organizations.

Key Strategies Implemented


Conducted environmental assessment of breast cancer advocacy community in priority markets.


Interviewed recommended partners about their clinical trial interests and information needs.


Produced patient-friendly educational materials, drafted newsletter article and website post; translated into priority market languages.


Disseminated materials to each priority partner; conducted regular telephone and email outreach to encourage uptake.


Scheduled in-person advocate briefings at major congresses and webinars between meetings.


"We typically see a drop in clinical trial recruitment rate during the summer months, but this year, we did not see that drop. All the engagement at advocacy events must have helped." Mid-large-size Biopharmaceutical Company

The Outcome


Short Term

Successful trial recruitment (fully accrued within one year).


Long Term

Company positively positioned itself before advocates in a competitive oncology space.


Key Highlights

Attended nearly all major breast cancer patient conferences across the calendar year and disseminated clinical trial information.