Advocacy Relations Benchmarking

Advocacy Relations Benchmarking

Neither the needs of patient, consumer, and professional groups nor the way they partner with industry are stagnant. To be an effective partner, companies must consistently monitor their performance and how they are perceived as a partner.

Why VOZ Advisors

Our customized benchmarking services will help you optimize and measure the impact of your advocacy relations approach and enhance your reputation.

What you can expect

  • Uncover the most important attributes for effective partnerships with patient, consumer, and professional groups
  • Assess organizations’ needs and priorities
  • Understand how competitors meet the community’s needs and expectations and where gaps exist
  • Determine how your company is perceived by patient, consumer, and professional groups in therapeutic areas of interest
  • Learn best practice examples of successful advocacy relations partnerships
  • Gain insight-driven, practical recommendations to help your company solidify and strengthen its position as a leader

Suite of Services

To help a company maximize the benefit of conducting an advocacy-focused patient journey map, VOZ also offers.

Environmental assessments

Understand the advocacy landscape and identify priority organizations through on-going monitoring and course correction.

Cross-functional planning

Tailored workshops to translate competitive benchmarking results into actionable opportunities.

Strategic consultation

Development of research-based performance metrics to measure and communicate the effectiveness of your advocacy relations efforts.