Leveraging Environmental Assessment Data

An important step in integrating the patient perspective into the drug development continuum is to understand the groups that represent these patients and how to appropriately and meaningfully engage with them. Industry partners face multiple challenges in understanding their environmental landscape from too many potential partners with varying objectives, to too few players in the space.

Why VOZ?

VOZ Advisors cultivates and nurtures respectful relationships with patient, consumer and professional groups. We have conducted hundreds of environmental assessments across therapeutic areas. For us, this is far beyond a list of groups of potential contacts, it is an opportunity to truly understand a space, to gain strategic insight about driving forces in any therapeutic area and chart a plan of engagement that is aware of broad issues but also sensitive to the nuances that can impact relationships.


In addition to leveraging our relationships and reputation, we utilize LEAD (Leveraging Environmental Assessment Data) a proprietary, cloud-based resource that combines VOZ’s deep knowledge of strategy and stakeholder groups to identify, prioritize, and centralize all your information about patient, professional, and consumer groups. Your subscription-based LEAD Assessment and global insights are updated in real time. LEAD is built to be updated easily to align priority groups as you progress through the drug development continuum and can be readily shared across the company.


To learn more about LEAD please click here.

What you can expect

  • In depth knowledge of national, regional and global patient, consumer, and professional groups’ goals and programs housed in a dynamic and convenient digital platform updated in real time
  • Candid understanding of intergroup dynamics
  • Key insights providing expanded understanding of critical concerns of groups in a particular area
  • Guidance on development of effective partnerships and programs