Patient Experience Mapping

VOZ develops customized, comprehensive maps of the patient experience through a qualitative, in-depth approach to generate meaningful understanding of how patients understand and process their condition. The VOZ process focuses on deciphering the trajectory from first symptoms, through diagnosis, treatment (or lack of treatment), considerations in clinical trial participations, issues of access to care and medication, impact on family and care partners, careers and decision-making. VOZ develops recommendations for actions that can support the patient community and enhance the value of your program.

Why VOZ?

A patient-centric approach to experience mapping:

  • A thorough collaboration with patients, patient organizations, health care provides, care partners, and your team to build a foundational structure that can truly instruct strategic decisions.
  • A staged approach to gather findings including personal mapping validation, which often reveals new and innovative ways to engage with patients and organizations.
  • Tangible, actionable, strategic recommendations.

What you can expect

  • A dialogue based on trust and openness, benefiting from VOZ’s deep knowledge of the role of the patient and the patient community.
  • Identification of gaps in service delivery or unmet patient needs and recommendations about how your strategy can fulfill these needs in a collaborative manner.