Stakeholder Forums

VOZ Advisors will help you develop strategy and plans for short and long-term internal and external stakeholder engagement that address key shared interests and drive outcomes to meet your business objectives. We design goals, objectives, and diverse interactions that advance mutual benefit, including issue-focused advisory boards, protocol design review, roundtables, PRO development, building and managing advocacy coalitions, and listening tours.

Why VOZ?

We have planned and facilitated hundreds of advisory boards, listening tours and roundtables and are known by our clients and the advocacy community to produce meetings with recommendations that result in tangible collaborations. Our forums convene priority stakeholders so our clients can hear directly from patient, consumer, and health care professionals about unmet needs and challenges. VOZ will develop short- and long-term strategies that address key shared interests and drive outcomes to meet your business objectives and advance mutual benefit.

What you can expect

  • Selection criteria and identification of advocate leaders within specific geographic and disease area parameters targeted to answer your unique questions.
  • A structured facilitation plan designed to foster interactivity and exploration of topics considered of value to your team.
  • Identification of concrete opportunities for potential collaboration and future engagement.
  • Proper management of advocate expectations about commitments from the company and potential outcomes.